Canteri Bros. offer a wide range of services within the civil and landscaping construction. We have carried out extensive civil, landscape, drainage and road works. Much of our experience is based around projects consisting of intricate concrete and stone paving as well as other stonework.

Another area we have experience in is electrical sub-station works which are predominately for SP AusNet and Jemena.

We have experience with projects located in areas of high traffic, whether that be pedestrian or vehicular, which requires careful planning and interaction with public / property owners to minimise disruption during the construction process.

Some of our major clients have been Places Victoria, City of Melbourne, City of Greater Geelong and City of Port Phillip.

Canteri Bros. has a knowledgeable team of staff and sub-contractors, most of which have been employed since inception of the company. These resources have the relevant experience to get the job done at the high standard required.